and the 70th anniversary of Hitler's book bonfires



"xlcr4life," Thurs., July 5, 09:09 PM:

Well then, let us continue in demonstrating what the yutes [LaRouche Youth Movement members> are indeed supporting when they shave several years of their life spans in a bizarro world of inhaling exhaust fumes, singing for spare change and swallowing Lyn's lunacy.

For years and years Lyn would let out a hearty laugh whenever an inquiring journalist asked him about his addiction to the Queen of England. Lyn would denounce anyone who asked that question as a drug dealer and ask how they could ask that. Well, just read what Lyn writes for 30 years and it does become pretty obvious, except if you are still in the bizarro world of Lyn.

Today's lesson for the yutes is to see how their energy is being expended doing PR work for Osama Bin Laden . You see yutes, no matter what you get out of reading Kepler or singing Bach, everything begins and ends with Lyn. You just happen to be maybe the last set of college dropouts who get to waste a few years thinking that you are doing something. It all boils down to how your keen sense of beauty and your power of reason and your energy keep Lyn's world from collapsing and going bankrupt. Oh he and the fellow geniuses have had a hand in many economic collapses, usually [of members, supporters and their businesses]. But, you need someone whose driver license says "Yesterday" when you check the DOB to bail him out.

Check your drivers licenses, yutes, because here is the latest Lyn brilliance from the [Morning Briefing] you can add to your resume:

Lyn also noted, with glee, that we really have nabbed the Queen in these recent so-called Al Qaeda pseudo-terrorist attacks inside England and Scotland. A full report/slug will appear in tomorrow's briefing, but the highlights are: The trigger for the recent incidents in London and in Glasgow, Scotland was the recent announcement by the Queen, that Salman Rushdie, the author of the Islam-hating Satanic Verses, had been Knighted. This insult, a conscious provocation by the Crown, is what instigated the attacks. Al Qaeda had nothing to do with this. The networks carrying out the incidents are well-known. But the trigger was the action by the Crown, to create the provocation with the Rushdie Knighthood. Why did they carry out this knowing insult? The Crown is desperate to change the subject of the BAE scandal, for one. They want to give some backing to incoming Prime Minister Gordon Brown. And the targeting of Glasgow, Scotland airport for one of the attacks was aimed at reviving "Unionist'' feelings in Scotland, following the SNP victory and the accelerated drive for Scottish independence and the bustup of the United Kingdom.

When Lyn looks at the yutes, he sure has glee in his eye.

"borisbad," Fri., July 6, 12:39 PM:

So these doctors must have been seers to be able to have arranged to begin attending medical schools and hospitals in the British Isles, and have started the process of their acts for jihad based upon somehow knowing that Rushdie was going to be knighted by the evil Queen in June 2007. This swill is such a total pandering to the Islamist crowd it's amazing.

"eaglebeak," Fri., July 6, 04:55 PM:

I bet you a thousand bucks neither LaRouche nor anyone else in that pathetically anti-intellectual organization ever read The Satanic Verses.

But seriously, even if Rushdie were "Islam-hating," who cares? The Muslim terrorists LaRouche is sucking up to certainly are Christian-hating and Jew-hating. Plus they're would-be killers--but apparently that's not a "provocation."

Is LaRouche now supporting Khomeini's call for Rushdie to be killed for writing a book?

This is really grotesque. I wouldn't be surprised to see the LaRouche Jugendbewegung out there burning books pretty soon. (Or maybe they're already doing it, down there in The Basement.)

"shadok," Fri., July 6, 05:49 PM:

Burning the books?

Yes, the LYM called for burning the (text)books in May 2003! It was in Wiesbaden. At the same time, there were events throughout Germany to mark the 70th anniversary of the Nazi bonfires. They were done by the SA and the Nazi university students--and had started in...May 1933.

The author of this article was Jason Ross, a recruiter of Jeremiah Duggan who was killed a couple of months before. Jason was thrilled by the European LYM taking off since that fateful Wiesbaden conference where Jeremiah died.