Ward Churchill's theory of Jewish "exclusivism"

By Dennis King
Letter to The New York Sun (sent Feb. 8, 2005; never published)

Edward Alexander (“A Little Matter of Genocide,” Feb 8, 2005) quotes Ward Churchill as saying that Jewish “exclusivism” has led to the erasure of all genocides except the Holocaust from human memory.

Why would the Jews (whom I am sure Churchill would concede are smart) want to do something so stupid? To let people know about other genocides--and especially about other peoples and ethnic groups victimized by Hitler and Stalin--enhances the security of Jews and of all vulnerable peoples by making society at large more aware of the potential consequences of supporting would-be tyrants.

Ward Churchill at Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, May 2005.

In fact Jewish historians, journalists, filmmakers and political figures over the years have played a major role in exposing genocidal policies in the Ukraine under Stalin, Cambodia under Pol Pot, the Guatemalan highlands under various military regimes, central Africa in the grip of tribal bigotry, and elsewhere.

And, oh yes, didn't the neoconservative Jews urge various U.S. administrations to do something drastic about Saddam Hussein's genocide against Kurds and Shiites?