Note the deceptive halo...

On the True Identity of the Antichrist

Letter to the New York Times, February 1996

Rev. Jerry Falwell (Feb. 3, 1996) persists in his belief that the Antichrist, in order to be a counterfeit of Jesus, will have to be a Jewish male.

Surely the Antichrist will be smarter than that. Although said entity will probably mimic the morality and good works of Jesus, it will carefully disguise its appearance in most other respects. Indeed, it will be the opposite of what Rev. Falwell and its other enemies are expecting. It will be a Christian female.

In public life today there is one Christian female who practices good works (as at the Red Cross), advocates the Golden Rule (compassionate conservatism) and helps to promote witchcraft insidiously disguised as healing (Viagra). On the eve of the Millennium, this Christian female--a candidate for the Republican nomination for President--is within striking distance of becoming the most powerful person in the world.

Wake up, Reverend Falwell! The real Antichrist is Mrs. Dole.

--Dennis King (never published)