On the media's double standard re: Lenora Fulani and her white comrades

By Dennis King
Letter to the New York Post (sent Dec. 6, 2004; never published)

To the Editor:

As a writer who has monitored the group now in charge of the Independence Party for over 25 years, I take issue with the Post’s editorial statement (“Flirting with Fulani,” Dec. 4) that black radical Lenora Fulani “pretty much controls the party, lock, stock and barrel.” In fact, Fulani is a devotee and well-paid mouthpiece for a mostly white political/psychotherapy cult led by one Fred Newman, who is Jewish rather than black.

To try to scare politicians away from the IP by portraying it as the instrument of a fire-breathing female Farrakhan is self-defeating as well as dishonest, because it goes against the experience of New York politicians who deal on a daily basis with white middle-class IP operatives such as Jacqueline Salit, Cathy Stewart and Harry Kresky, all of whom carefully avoid radical rhetoric when dealing with mainstream elected officials.

The disconnect between what the politicians SEE and what the Post’s editorials SAY is partly responsible for Bloomberg, Schumer and Pataki ignoring the Post’s pleas to sever their ties with the IP. The Post will only convince the politicians to disengage from their cultist allies if it focuses on the secretive agenda of Mr. Newman (who hides behind Fulani’s skirts), rather than simply quoting over and over again from anti-Semitic speeches Fulani made in past decades. Newman, Salit, Kresky & Co. should be held accountable for their OWN foolish beliefs and actions, including their attempts to use municipal loans and private charitable donations (obtained with the help of Bloomberg and other public figures) to indoctrinate New York City teenagers with Newman’s pseudo-revolutionary “friendosexual” ideology.