"I remember how AIDS was used to attack homosexuality in the most vicious and evil ways. How many jokes did we tell about Rock Hudson and Liberace when they were dying from the disease?"

Postings on FactNet's ex-LaRouchian discussion board, Sept. 3-4, 2005


"borisbad," Saturday, Sept. 03, 2005, 04:18 PM

Was also wondering, and I didn't hear Steve respond to it, or does he just pretend that the anti-Semitic jokes never happened, does he believe that Israel is the source of all the problems in the Mideast and that they along with Britain are the main destabilizing force in that part of the world, or in fact all parts of the world?

I also recall not just the awful anti-Semitic jokes that were told, especially those by Jewish members like Paul Goldstein, but I remember how AIDS was used to attack homosexuality in the most vicious and evil ways. How many jokes did we tell about Rock Hudson and Liberace when they were dying from the disease? This is the compassionate humanism that Steve etc. support. I'm sure that it fits in nicely with LHL's apocalyptic visions where he and his fellow travellers like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson could go around saying that homosexuals were getting what they deserved, etc. Anyone remember the watermelon jokes we used to put on signs about AIDS when we wanted to make fun of Rock Hudson, whose publicists were saying he was sick and losing weight because of the watermelon diet? Of course, I admit that I went along with it, and thought it was being so polemically fashionable. You have to swallow a lot of sh*t when you front for LHL.

"sancho," Saturday, Sept. 03, 2005, 04:47 PM

The latter I missed out on, but [it] only goes to demonstrate LaRouche's latent homosexuality (not that there's anything wrong with it), as does his bizarre dismissal of all of classical ballet as "crotch play." Weird. Another illustration of the maxim that when you point a finger at someone, you have three pointed back against yourself. His characterization of Henry Kissinger as gay is further proof of Lyn's own less-than-subterranean impulses. Also, now come to think of it, all that stuff about "mother" in [:LaRouche's] "Beyond Psychoanalysis." Too weird.

"xlcr4life," Sunday, Sept. 04, 2005, 09:34 AM

The hallmark of "The Hostile Fantasy World of LaRouche" is to have an endless stream of enemies ready to inflict harm on LaRouche first, the world later. If one were to review the writings of the LC [Labor Committees] as Steve should do, one will see a pattern of lunacy that has encompassed several decades.

The homosexual hatred which Lyn has is something Steve will now be carrying the torch for as he spreads the LaRouche Gospel across the Yale Common Square.

When I first came [into] the group, the word "gay" was not used, but "faggot" was thrown around like debris during Hurricane Katrina. Lyn would constantly scream at the members during the infamous and phony "Chris White" brainwashing that homosexual rape was used to break [White]. Lyn also has a fascination with eating manure in his writings as well. Go figure.

During a conference in NYC in 1974 we had a member name Bill ******** end up in the Bellevue mental facility. Bill was supposedly brainwashed and was attached to the genitalia of a stuffed pig by his CIA/KGB handlers.

The writings in the "Beyond Psychoanalysis" series expound the fear of anal sex in brainwashing young [LC] members back then. Lesbianism was the main reason why the female members could not do more for LaRouche in saving the world from the Rockefellers.

Our writings in our paper repeatedly called police and FBI agents "faggots" and the worst kind of anal sex abusers. We would print that one of the ways to become an FBI agent was to engage in anal sex. We used to print many jokes about the FBI as being dirty filthy fags in our publications. There was the standard LaRouche joke of "How do you sit 4 FBI agents at a bar?" "You turn the stool over." We had a cartoon character called "Agent FuzzDick" appearing in our paper weekly. During "Mop Up," we fired up our goon squads by showing how the CP and SWP were now a bunch of fags who supported Fag Rights.

Mind you that Lyn himself lived on Morton Street in the heart of gay Greenwich Village for many years. Lyn also was a real man as he never worked and his wives make the money for the house.

During the NYC elections we printed posters of Ed Koch dressed as a flaming gay character performing oral sex on the Empire State building.

We attacked a NYC West Side councilwoman as a lesbian. Later, a person named Liz Holtzman I think became one of [the LC's] dearest enemies as she was involved in pursuing Nazi war criminals in the U.S. whom we were defending at every turn. The lesbian line was used again.

In local cities where we had offices, we would do dirty tricks like calling the neighbors of our opponents as drug dealers, faggots and child molestors. We were sued a few times for this and settled out of court quietly. Just look at how the cult created a group hate against Dennis King once he started to print articles about the cult's inner workings.[1]

Kissinger became another target of our rabid anti-gay hysteria as Lyn wrote a New Solidarity centerfold called "The Politics of Faggotry." We spread endless leaflets and rumours about Kissinger as a molestor of young boys around the world. We also printed stuff up that Kissinger killed a young Mexican boy in a resort with a wine bottle to the head when he resisted Kissinger's advances. There is a famous incident where one of our airport table crews was fighting with Kissinger's wife.

In retrospect, I can only come to the conclusion that we were using this effectively in our Mexican and South American organizing to play up the machismo anti-homo hatred of these places.

In NYC, our campaign against Roy Cohn took on monstrous proportions as we had endless fag attacks on him and anyone associated with him. It later turned out that in [the LC] security [staff], we had contacts in the gay world who hated Cohn more than us and would supply us with stories from his private life. In the typical LaRouche twist of events, we later worked with Cohn behind the scenes to attack some other NY politicos.

Lyn would constantly pepper his talks with his diatribes against "faggots and sodomizers" to whip us up.

During one of our campaigns we published a pamphlet called "The Aquarian Conspiracy." Now we were calling Right to Life groups and religious people to support Lyn. Part of our polemic was that homosexuality was Satanic in nature and part of the evil oligarchy's plan to bring on the Dark Ages. We linked homosexuals to Babylonian cults, Aristotle, Jesuits, Tavistock, every British scientist and every evil in the world.

What is interesting in retrospect was how we always denied any homosexual eroticism of the Greeks, especially Plato. It was a surreal night in our offices when one of our NC's would give a class on Plato, read direct writngs about gay things and either pretend it was not homo or just say that it was a "metaphor" for somethng else. In the end, the best plan was to blame the fag stuff on Aristotle and his Satanic offspring.

AIDS became a great fundraiser for us and further escalated Lyn's hatred of homosexuals. Writing after writing, meeting after meeting was about how the fags were going to detroy civilization as we know it. Gay sex was now directed by the oligarchy to wipe out three-fourths of the world so that the Elites could rule.

Now imagine if you were a gay member during this. Go up several posts and you will read about our gay adventures in New Orleans. We had a few gay members who became asexual in public. They quietly dropped out. This was nothing to bring up at a conference when your sexuality was now part of an evil plot akin to nuclear war.

Lyn ran with AIDS as best he could, which was to make money off it and scare the hell out of people. We created something in California called "Panic," which was our attempt to pass a ballot initiative called Proposition 64 in the 1980's. Do a google search of that and see what we did. Our approach had nothing to do with real health care and was based on locking up people we attacked.[2]

Lyn would give more anti-gay speeches and now took credit for predicting AIDS! We published some lunacy in the 1970's about how the Rockefellers would create conditions of disease which would kill three-fourths of the world. The Club of Rome, the environmentalists and anyone promoting a solar panel was now a mass murderer. Religous cults use the same math in their fundraising as well. Of course in real life, highly contagious lethal diseases do not act this way as they kill the carriers before it spreads. We were not health professionals, but we pretended to be. OSHA guidelines written by real health professionals are credited with reducing hepatitis and other blood-borne diseases.

Lyn would scare the bejesus out of his members and supporters about mosquitos being flying syringes and how we would all die a puss and pock marked death for the oligarchy.

These plans were based on Ebola or other diseases increasing at a rapid rate. We used a basic exponential growth model which through basic doubling would kill everyone on the planet.

Lyn now took this stuff and declared that he alone predicted AIDS as the super disease which was going to kill us all. During this we also were attacking Mondale and Kennedy as KGB agents. So to help the Democratic party {the writer apparently intended to write "Republican party"--DK], we now attacked them as part of a Russian plot which engineered the AIDS virus to destroy the West for the Russian Orthodox Church under our "Third Rome Thesis/"

I assure you that I am not making this stuff up as I am not that creative in fiction writing. I kept a lot of our writings for awhile and would occasionally look at it to see how crazy we were back then.

We picked up medical people along the way to work with us. In typical fashion, we burnt most of them out but got a few "marks" for LaRouche. Since these people were MD's and such, they of course lent us money and we emptied them.

Fot those of you who like doing research of this, google the name "John Grauerholz." He was a medical examiner in Long Island when the TV show "Quincy" was popular. He became Lyn's medical sidekick for awhile and lived the good life. But, as usually happens with friends of LaRouche, you fall pretty deep. Do the google search and look for his name in Virginia, NY and NJ. There was some sort of problem we had in Leesburg involving our MD's which NO ONE wants to talk about. Enough of that, I will let the investigators here do their work.

We not only did some card table shrines about Rock Hudson, but did another trick very few people know about.

For several months during our AIDS campaign, Lyn would speak cryptically about how another Hollywood ladies' man was nothing more than a dirty filthy faggot who picked up AIDS during his numerous adventures with young boys. Some of us heard the name Burt Reynolds during this. Since most members never were in the real world, the name did not click.

Find a copy of Burt Reynolds' autobiography and you will read a fascinating section about his medical problems. The section I am refering to was either in his bio or in a full page in one of the national celebrity magazines a few years back. Burt lost a lot of weight and was diagnosed finally with TMJ, a serious jaw disorder. Since he could not chew food without extreme pain, he was eating less and losing weight. We were spreading his name around our card table shrines as the latest Hollywood faggot to bite the dust.

In Reynolds's book, there is a section where he refers to a political cult which used him for their purposes by spreading rumours. He writes that he does not wish to give the cult any publicity and tells about the dirty tricks they did. One trick which I would hear rumours of but could never pin down was this: A look-alike of Reynolds was hired and was paid to got to numerous hospitals in podunk towns and check himself in as Burt Reynolds and declare that he had AIDS! This went on for months.

The bottom line for you, Steve, is that you are now in "The Hostile Fantasy World of LaRouche." Even if you never join full time [but] graduate from Yale, you have served humanity by allowing us to write about this stuff for students and interested parties.

I am wondering if you are acting as a double agent against LaRouche as we can't get LYM people to stick around here for awhile.

Will you be confronting the gay student chapters at Yale about how they are Aristotelian Satanists who are part of a British plot to wipe out three-fourths of the world's population?

Are you ready to make phone calls to Lyn's enemies' co-workers and friends [saying] that he or she is a "dirty filthy sodomizing fag" like we did?

"sancho," Sunday, Sept. 04, 2005, 10:36 AM

From a LaRouche speech, 1974:

How do you brainwash somebody? Well, first of all, you generally pull a psychological profile or develop one in a preliminary period. You find every vulnerability of that person from a psychoanalytic standpoint. Now the next thing you do is you build them up for fear in males and females of homosexuality, aim them for an anal identification with anal sex, their mouth is identified with fellatio. Their mouth is identified only with the penis -- that kind of sex, and with woman. Womanhood is the fellatio of the male mouth in a man who has been brainwashed by the KGB; that is sucking penises....

First they say your father was nothing, your father was a queer, your father was a woman. They play very strongly on homosexual fears. It doesn't work on women....Most women are to a large degree homosexual in this society. The relationship between daughter and mother is homosexual, so the thing is not much of a threat.

But to young men it is generally a grave threat...fears about masturbation....They say, 'See that sheep. Wouldn't you like to do that to a sheep?'

It's not the pain that brainwashes, it's forcing the victim to run away from the pain by taking the bait of degrading himself. This persistant pattern of self-degradation, self-humiliation, is what essentially accomplishes the brainwashing.

Any of you who say this is a hoax -- you're cruds! You're subhuman! You're not serious. The human race is at stake. Either we win or there is no humanity. That's the way she's cut.

LaRouche, I would aver, is an avowed Satanist. Not only based on the above specimen, but on the fact that he is almost childishly transparent in his attacks. He accuses Jews of being Nazis (as he is), he accuses anticult people as cultists (as he is), and now he accuses people of being Satanists.

You be the judge.[3]

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Notes by Dennis King:

[1] The LaRouchians passed out a leaflet inviting the neighbors of Detroit freelance journalist and LaRouche critic Russ Bellant to a bogus "coming out party" at his home. LaRouche security staffer S.T. came into the apartment building where I reside in Manhattan with a similar defamatory screed while two LaRouche women distracted the doorman. They also sent a dossier to my hometown newspaper in North Carolina (shortly after the publication of a New Republic article by myself and Ron Radosh exposing LaRouche's ties to the Reagan administration) falsely claiming that I had been arrested for child molestation. Perhaps most disgusting was a leaflet placed on car windshields on the Chicago block where a 22-year-old researcher for NBC-TV's local affiliate lived with her parents; the leaflet said she was a prostitute and gave her parents' telephone number.

Former LaRouchians who participated in these and other forms of harassment (like the killing of the three family cats of a Manchester Union-Leader reporter) should come forward with more details. This would be psychologically liberating for these individuals, who probably do not feel good about their complicity in such deeds. It also might shake things up so that those who were involved in more sinister activities (like the fingering of innocent people to anti-Basque death squads in Spain and the cover-up of the circumstances surrounding Jeremiah Duggan's death) would finally come forward.

[2] For more on LaRouche's AIDS quarantine campaign, go to

[3]The remarks on LaRouche and Satanism are sarcastically intended (as an in-joke for former LaRouchians) to point out how LaRouche often accuses his enemies of things that he himself is doing. It is clear from the discussion thread that the writer is not suggesting LaRouche is a Satanist in the literal sense.