This letter was circulated at the Sept 18, 2005 meeting of the Independence Party state executive committee at which Lenora Fulani and other Fred Newman followers were expelled from the committee's ranks. The signatories of this letter called on the committee to also take a stand against a proposed contract between the City of New York and Newman and Fulani's All Stars Project under which All Stars would run an after-school program for middle-school and high school kids. The city's decision on the contract had just been put on hold pending further investigation (click HERE for article from the New York Post) in spite of Newman and Fulani's strong support for Mayor Bloomberg's reelection campaign. Early in 2006, All Stars withdrew its contract application rather than answer questions from the Department of Youth and Community Development about the relationship of the charity's officers and directors to Newman's social therapy and his patient-therapist commune.

SEPT. 18--Those of you who have assembled here today with the aim of expelling the anti-Semiticfaction headed by Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani are to be commended for your righteous stand. Most politically aware New Yorkers are hoping that your endeavor will be successful.

However, we urge you to take an additional important step before you adjourn that will not only facilitate the rebuilding of the IP's public reputation but will also help to prevent children in New York City from being exploited and abused by Newman and Fulani's cult. We urge you to pass a resolution calling on Mayor Bloomberg to abandon (not just postpone, but abandon) his current plan, announced in June, to give $216,000 in city funds to Newman and Fulani's All Stars Project for a three-year after-school program to supposedly teach "performance" skills to middle school and high school kids.

The honor of the Independence Party is at stake here, since Newman and Fulani used the clout given them by the IP to win provisional approval of the contract. And the welfare of children is also at stake, since giving the Newman-Fulani cult this contract will place both children and teens in danger of emotional abuse, psychological manipulation, political and other forms of exploitation, and even of being recruited into Newman and Fulani's "friendosexual" Marxist cult.

It is too late to undo the damage that was wrought when Newman and Fulani used their parasitical influence as IP leaders to obtain an $8.7 million tax-free loan from New York City's Industrial Development Agency in 2002. That loan, which enabled them to raise millions of dollars in private funds, resulted in the purchase and renovation of a new youth center for All Stars, which works with children as young as five.

Earlier this month, the city put the All Stars contract on hold as a result of media pressure and emails, phone calls and other communications from the public. Unfortunately, the mayor of New York refuses to simply dump the contract. His office has taken the position that it will wait until the end of State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's current investigation of All Stars, which conveniently will not be completed until after the general election in November. Given the mayor's four-year record of lavishing money on Newman and Fulani in spite of their frequent anti-Semitic outbursts and other weird behavior, the public cannot be confident that the mayor will do the right thing. And even if the mayor would like this contract to just go away, he should not pass the buck for his own city government's mistakes onto the State Attorney General.

There is already ample evidence to warrant a swift decision to terminate the All Stars contract. Not only is the AG's office investigating All Stars in New York, not only is the FBI making inquiries about the All Stars affiliate in Los Angeles, not only is the Georgia Secretary of State probing charges of massive ethics violations by the head of All Stars in Atlanta--but also a 68-page report to city officials is now circulating on the Internet that documents in detail why Newman, Fulani and their crew should not be allowed anywhere near the children of New York City under any circumstances.

This report, prepared by political cult expert Dennis King (one of the signers of this letter), is composed largely of quotes from the Newman-Fulani group's own publications, from the published or email testimony of many former members, and from Mr. King's notes from his interviews with ex-members. The report (click HERE) documents how the Newman-led group:

  • has operated a succession of exploitative programs for children and teens dating back to the early 1970s when Newman first recruited teenage girls through his unethical therapy at an unlicensed clinic (some of these former teenage patients are still with him);

  • runs a network of youth programs today that incorporates the ideas of Newman's social therapy (a form of therapy that approves of therapists seducing their patients) and includes social therapy group sessions for kids;

  • promotes its Marxist ideology and “friendosexual” life style in the presence of kids;

  • incorporates anti-Semitism into its teen theater program;

  • has provided political, legal or public-relations support over the years to a string of notorious child abusers, including the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) and fundamentalist preacher Tony Alamo;

  • exhibited a group-sex art show in the lobby of an office used as the weekend gathering place of All Stars kids before they were sent out on the streets to raise money for Fred Newman under the supervision of their friendosexual mentors; and

  • sent children from its now defunct private elementary school (termed a social therapy “laboratory school” in Newmanite publications) to Washington, D.C. to demonstrate in support of the Libyan terror regime of Moammar Khadafi only months before Khadafi blew up Pam Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. (According to a founder of All Stars who later left the group, the Libyan government paid for the buses.)
  • The list of outrages goes on and on. The Independence Party can take an important step today in recovering its good name--and can give Mayor Bloomberg the blunt advice he needs for the sake of his own reputation--by passing a resolution urging the New York City government to dump the All Stars contract without delay.

    Signed by:

    MICHAEL NIEBAUER (IP co-founder and former Queens County IP chairman)

    PAM RINANDO (Queens County IP member; leader of fight to stop Fred Newman)

    MIKE ZUMBLUSKAS (former New York County IP vice-chairman)

    DENNIS KING (researcher and author)