On Newmanite lawyer Harry Kresky

Letter to the New York Post (sent July 14, 2002; never published)

To the Editor:

According to the July 13, 2002 Post, former mayor Ed Koch doesn’t have a problem with Mayor Bloomberg appointing Harry Kresky, the lawyer for anti-Semitic activist Lenora Fulani, to the Charter Revision Commission. “You cannot judge a lawyer by his clients,” Koch is quoted as saying.

Comrade Harry of the Central Committee.

But Kresky is more than just Fulani’s lawyer. He is a longtime leading member of the Fred Newman psychopolitical cult, for which Fulani is a figurehead. Kresky was a member of Centers for Change (the cult’s first name) in the early 1970s. He joined the Lyndon LaRouche organization with Newman (and subsequently left it with Newman) in 1974. He then served on the Central Committee of the International Workers Party (the secretive revolutionary group through which Newman would control his various front organizations over the following decades). He has been continuously active with the Newman network in a variety of political capacities.

Bloomberg’s naming of him to the commission was as unprincipled as the direct appointment of Newman or Fulani would have been.

--Dennis King

[And Koch's defense of Kresky was just as unprincipled as Koch's excuses in 1981 for Lyndon LaRouche's mayoral candidate Mel Klenetsky; read here.--DK.]