How the self-styled greatest economist in the world frittered away the investments his followers' hard work had paid for

Posted by "xlcr4life" on FACT Net, Sunday, Sept. 23, 2007

One of the things which bothers me is how Lyn has a bug up his *** about Loudon County (Virginia) real estate collapsing and being "Ground Zero" for the complete collapse of the economy as we know it. If you were to look up the numbers you would find that four states--California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona--make up the bulk of the subprime loan mess and defaults. If you remove those states, then the rate of foreclosures actually has dropped (click HERE).

But remember that everything which is being presented by the cult is to retain the yutes [LaRouche Youth Movement members] in the cult, not to actually do anything productive. A typical dopey dropout LYMer has not a clue what it means that non-owner occupied units are the primary source of defaults, or what overcapacity means in relation to home and condo sales and financing, or how the increase in home foreclosures does not mean that the demand for homes, at the right price, is lower.

Whatever the yutes squawk about LaRouche's proposed Homeowners and Bank Protection Act of 2007 is really not new. In my day we did the same posturing for "The Emergency Agricultural Act of...." where we said that if it was not passed the USA would starve under Rockefeller. Later we had the McCormack Fusion Bill where if that did not pass we would have no electricity and in between there were various municipal debt bills thrown in. The bottom line is that it did not matter what the problem was: Lyn's fairy-tale legislative bills were written not to solve the initial problem, but to attack whatever evil delusionary enemy was ours at the time.

Besides being used to scare very naive yutes, could there be something else Lyn has not told the yutes about Loudon County real estate?

Could it be that Lyn and the LC [Labor Committees] are the original no-money-down, subprime borrowers who lost every piece of property in a flurry of lunacy and laughter? A lunacy and laughter bordering on the sinking of the Titanic with a chorus and band playing to the end as the SS LaRouche went down?

We set the WABAC machine to the early 1980s when the LaRouche organization was full steam ahead for leaving NYC and moving on to Leesburg, Va. Very few members knew of the whole picture and exactly how much money we were both raising and spending in the town of Leesburg. I will admit that I myself have no full idea of every purchase and loss, just the shiny brochures, the press reports and some hilarious eyewitness accounts and the many helpful tidbits provided by present and former members.

What the yutes need to keep in mind is that whatever you read and hear is really for you, not the general public. The general public knows Lyn is nuts and that is why after four decades of intensive work by Lyn, there are fewer subscribers, income and members than ever. When foreclosure rates rise the trick is to scare you away from thinking of leaving the cult by feeding you endless nightmares and catastrophes.

You know, if you read enough of these crazy memos over the past three decades, it turns out that Lyn predicted every failure, hidden agent and collapse/setback of the LC/LYM--an incredible feat when you figure that almost every leader and half of the membership would have been predicted by Lyn as leaving years before they actually left.

Think about that, yutes, when the crazy memos get churned out a few weeks after we entertain everyone here with new fun.

"LaRouche has a 100 percent rate in losing property and homes in Loudoun County...I cannot get the full story because like everything else done in the Labor Committees, things were compartmentalized."

Why does this stuff work on a yute and not me? Well for one thing, I have been through several cycles of oversupply, undersupply, economic slowdowns, high mortgage rates, refinancing and buying and selling houses for my family since leaving the cult. Yutes, on the other hand, have a working knowledge of mortgages and homes limited to renting an apartment and thinking that four adults to one bedroom is the norm and the whole economy is about to collapse.

Yutes, within three years of leaving the cult completely, we purchased our first home at a fantastic price because of an oversupply of homes and higher foreclosure rates due to unaffordable increases in housing which forced a shakeout. There is a whole other universe of people and investors who are ready to pounce on properties when the numbers work for them. Many of us are on our second or third home as we bought and sold to our advantage. Yutes in the same period are usually on their second or third rental apartment as they get booted out and find new ways to fit more LYMers into a given volume.

Today I will help the yutes who come to the DC area with the LaRouche Leesburg Road Tour Guide 2007!!!!

That's right, folks. Someone like Michelle Lerner and the DC LYMers were probably only just born when Lyn and the crew invested a few million into Leesburg-area real estate. You want some statistics about this?

Consider that so far, from what I have seen or heard, LaRouche has a 100 percent rate in losing property and homes in Loudon County. I cannot get the full story because like everything else done in the LC, things were compartmentalized so that almost no one knows the full story. It seems that LaRouche and the LC were the original subprime borrowers when you see how things were put together.

So fill up the LaRouchemobile with 20 bucks of regular, grab a set of jumper cables and start down Route 7 to Leesburg.

Oh, make sure you tune the AM radio to 1520 on the dial. I will explain later--and a little Sinatra and Tony Bennett won't hurt you.

As you drive down Route 7 from DC, pay attention to the many buildings and developments which line both sides. When we first scouted the area most of the land on either side was vacant as you got close to Leesburg. We picked up some property in the area with our REIT-style operation.

I mentioned the Cardinal Park properties in previous postings. According to press accounts, we bought a 9.8-acre tract which people say bordered on Route 7 and what is now Cardinal Park. When you yutes drive to Leesburg, keep a lookout on the left and when you see the Auto Nation Honda dealership, picture a nonlinear 9.8-acre site bordering the highway. To make this easy for you, a 9.8-acre plot is about what nine football fields without the end zones are in area. An acre is about 91% of a football field without the end zones.

According to the nice brochures we printed, that area was to be the future home of our offices and distribution operations. This gets confusing as The Washington Post has described the LaRouche printing company, or PMR, as occupying some of the 60,000 square feet on which we were going to build. At other times we were told that we secured a site for PMR in Sterling which was better for heavy truck distribution for expanding the business.

One way to clarify this is just to ask Ed Spannaus about what happened to the property and plans. He gave many of the leadership a tour of the site. Since Lyn has reduced Ed to just about nothing, he should have plenty of time to talk and reminisce about the old days. If you are pretty brave, give Marcia M. a call and ask her what happened to both the money and the investor, as both may have been screwed. Today's printing operation now occupies what a cheap office copier occupies before the leasing company hauls it away.

Here is a map you can follow. If you hit the bypass, you went too far.

The office buildings across Cardinal Park Drive from the Honda dealer are where the LYM is registered as an LLC. I hope they paid their overdue fees. As you pass the buildings, wave good-bye to the site just as Ed Spannaus and Lyn did when the LC lost it many years ago.

"McDonald's had the Golden Arches and Lyn had his 'Golden Souls,' and the bookstore--I was told--was not going to carry any books by Lyn's illusory enemies."

Next we proceed on Route 7 to Leesburg and under the overpass and eventually you will run into South King Street. Look for 27 South King and park the car. Before you turn it off, make sure you packed the jumper cables. We bought that building and put a boatload of money into remodeling it to be used as a bookstore. That sounds not too bad, but when the store becomes a card table shrine on steroids, then watch out. McDonald's had the Golden Arches and Lyn had his "Golden Souls," and the bookstore--I was told--was not going to carry any books by Lyn's illusory enemies. Well, that pretty much means that virtually anyone who ever lived is on that list. So imagine a big retail space with nothing but piles and piles of Lyn's writings and a town where Lyn and the LC insulted everyone and accused the local notables of being KGB agents, and you can guess the rest.

Instead of discount flyers and special sales or showing the new store and inventory, the whole event revolves around Lyn accusing Kissinger of wanting to assassinate him and accusing everyone of being KGB agents. Excuse me, agents of influence.

For some reason, which maybe Ed Spannaus and the other dead-enders can explain, the bookstore went under, but was reborn a few blocks down the street at 107 South King. Now we had a worse store in a worse location and a few more episodes of LaRouche insanity I will mention later.

Still, the 27 South King Street store really was a nice building and later it had a few other businesses in it. Now here is something quite funny to think about: A former member who said "f*** you" to the cult opened up an antique business in the 27 South King Street bookstore and ran a prosperous business. So the only LCer who had enough business sense to make a buck in the building was an ex-LCer. Imagine walking into an antique store to buy something and the first thing the owner tells you is that Henry Kissinger is out to assassinate him. Only in the Bizarro world of LaRouche is that a sales greeting.

The bookstore today is in the hands of Public Enemy number one of Lyn's. How do you think he feels knowing that his bookstore is now known as the "English Manor Gardens and Interiors"?

So much for Lyn's grand expertise as a business consultant.

Yutes, here is the map of the area so you can find the bookstore. On the way to the 107 South King Street bookstore, grab yourself an ice cream with the spare change you sung for last night in Georgetown--and walk a few blocks past our former National Office in the Wheat Building. That was a rental property we had while supposedly our executive offices and printing plant were being constructed on Route 7 and Cardinal Park. When our whole loan scam came crashing down, this building was raided in 1986 and a few years later we abandoned it for the warehouses of Sycolin Road.

Now you can start the LaRouchemobile up and wave good-bye to yet another property Lyn and the gang spent money on and lost from day one.

"This estate featured a guesthouse, smokehouse, riding stables, a greenhouse along with a big parking lot we paved for the security LaRouchemobiles."

Head south down South King Street and it will become Route 15, James Monroe Highway. You want to make a right at Route 704, Harmony Church Road. Drive a little bit and when you see Dunlop Mill Road on the left, slow down. Approaching on the left is one of the earlier Lyn homes on 25 acres or so. It was a rental, and we paid the money to a Swiss-based agent for the owner, ballet star Rudolf Nureyev.

Look at the hybrid map and locate the Red Star. Below that, and everything west of Route 704, is the property.

It would be a good idea to call up Barbara Boyd or George Canning in the LaRouche legal department and ask for the transcripts of the trials or depositions where Lyn explains that he has no idea of how something like this just magically shows up one day, completely stocked with food, and with utilities, rent payments and such all taken care of. This estate featured a guesthouse, smokehouse, riding stables, a greenhouse along with a big parking lot we paved for the security LaRouchemobiles. This house was rejected for long-term use because it was too close to the highway.

Besides Lyn's transcripts, ask for the Alexandria Federal trial testimony of Rick Magraw. After reading how Lyn has no idea of where this all comes from you, can read where Magraw (who had been subpoenaed by the prosecution in that trial, yutes) describes how he would receive a few thousand in cash to pay the boys and take care of Lyn and Helga. Where does this cash come from? Why from the finance office of the LC!

Here is another funny thing from that trial about Lyn and taxes: Karma came back to knock Lyn into a jail cell for his problems with the Jews. The IRS witness for the prosecution in the trial was named Elizabeth Jeu! The initial spelling by the stenographer in the transcripts is Elizabeth Jew, but she quickly changes it to Jeu.

Now I have to thank Rick Magraw for inadvertently helping put Lyn away for tax fraud. In his testimony he tries to make the case that people in the U.S. government wanted LaRouche out of NYC and in a safer place like suburban DC. Rick then mentions that Danny Murdock was the person who suggested Woodburn, the Nureyev place. In reading this I am expecting Rick to reveal that the U.S. government issued the funds to make Lyn a government witness for this whole plan. Instead, when Rick is asked where the money comes from, we find out that the answer is Rick's wife, Kathy Magraw, in "the finance office." "The finance office" is where? Why it is part of the whole LaRouche organization, controlled and run by Lyn in the first place! Thus we have Lyn in his campaign to the death against the Soviets for world domination being convinced by a scam CIA grifter that money needs to flow from the LC to rent a Russian house managed by a Swiss conglomerate! Did anybody ever think of how funny this sounds when you read it out loud?

In essence, Lyn's defense is that he has no idea where and how all of his houses, plane tickets, clothes, food, etc. show up, but his security sidekick Rick Magraw is getting weekly cash to pay for all of this from Lyn's own operations! Boy, Lyn was Enron and Tycho decades before they were busted for similar tricks.

Thanks, Rick, you did a great job; no wonder you were on the Government witness list.

"LaRouche is the original OPM (Other People's Money) cult gangster. Nothing is in his name and no money is raised by him, though he controls the spending and allocation."

Okay, let us move on to the next stop on our tour. We can either backtrack towards downtown Leeesburg or stay on Highway 704. Either way, you want to be on the Highway 7 Harry Byrd bypass, slightly west of Leesburg.

Here is a map of where you want to be. This is it. This is where Lyn became the McDaddy of Leesburg.

Yes, the famous Ibykus Farm. A somewhat serene place of rolling hills and gentle lawns where horses and dogs can roam in peace...a 171-acre estate outside of Leesburg where Lyn was well known by the local townspeople. The townspeople loved Lyn so much that Lyn had to give them their own version of his 1974 delusion in New York that Cuban frogmen were traveling up the Hudson River to assassinate him.

This is from the April 11, 1986 New York Times:

Mr. LaRouche's guns have raised eyebrows even here in the hunt country of Loudoun County. "I have a major personal security problem," Mr. LaRouche said in one leaflet, written while he was seeking permits for his bodyguards to carry concealed weapons. Without the permits, he said, "the assassination teams of professional mercenaries now being trained in Canada and along the Mexico border may be expected to start arriving on the streets of Leeburg. If they come, there will be many people dead or mutilated within as short an interval as sixty seconds of fire."

Lyn is the original OPM (Other People's Money) cult gangster. Nothing is in his name and no money is raised by him, though he controls the spending and allocation. No matter how big Lyn's head is, the delusions inside were multiplying at a dizzying rate until a mere 25 acres was not sufficient to confine them all. A sort of new zoo had to be obtained to hold these many delusions, and without spending a dime of his own money, he found his home a few miles west of Leesburg. A place where the dogs, horses and delusions could roam in peace without a worry in the world about what the LC members were being put through at the time.

The property was purchased with some strange financing by us. In a normal universe one either pays cash or puts down some money and finances the rest. In our case, we were such deadbeats (based on our history that I know of) that normal financing was not going to work. Somehow we found a supporter from Texas who put up $400,000 and financed the balance. Now understand that this 171-acre estate was being sold at a bargain basement price by an elderly person for an incredible sum of $1.3 million! I would have thought that we would have bought this through some trust to keep it in our portfolio for years and turn it into a sort of campus for the think tank I delusionally thought we were creating in Leesburg.

But this is the Bizarro world of the LC, so you know nothing will be done right.

"The money for field members was reduced to five bucks a day....Very few people knew of the real estate purchases and this was a deep secret in the regions and was explained as being absolutely essential using the old 'Security for Lyn' reason."

Let us go to the Jan. 13, 1985 Washington Post and see what happened.

In addition, last fall Spannaus signed a contract to buy a 171-acre estate outside Leesburg for $1.3 million, according to documents on file in Loudoun Circuit Court. The estate includes a 14-room manor house with eight fireplaces, plus three other houses and numerous other buildings.

But a legal snag developed. One of the sellers, an elderly District of Columbia resident, is legally incompetent, and any sale would have required approval of a judge. The sellers' lawyer, George Schweitzer, said in court documents that he was "not totally satisfied" with the buyer's financial condition. A source said that the reason was that the LaRouche associates would not supply the financial statement thought to be necessary to get court approval.

Charles Ottinger, Publication Equities' [the LaRouche movement's] Leesburg lawyer, said Spannaus then told him that he had agreed to have someone else take over his right to buy the estate. The new buyer, multimillionaire Oklahoma oilman David Nick Anderson, also agreed to buy the property for $1.3 million, but under slightly different terms, according to court documents.

Anderson donated $1,000 to LaRouche's presidential campaign last February, according to documents on file at the Federal Election Commission. Despite repeated telephone messages left for him, Anderson could not be reached for comment about his plans for the property.

OMG, Ed Spannaus is here--just another nail for Lyn to pound into his LC coffin I guess. This was a very interesting time in the LC regions. The money for field members was reduced to five bucks a day and many people learned about the eviction process when they came home and saw the papers on their front door. Very few people knew of the real estate purchases and this was a deep secret in the regions and was explained as being absolutely essential using the old "Security for Lyn" reason. This was an era when as soon as the sun rose, there would be another assassination plot announced in the LC morning briefing with more people involved and more money being transferred away from the regions into this black hole.

Most members had no idea that an important part of Lyn's security requrements was a 14-room manor with eight fireplaces and a few guest houses. This created a real crazy world in which you were considered real special to be invited to the house. On FACT Net, I wrote for years about how we had our singers and musicians show up there and basically be minstrels for Lyn and Helga. I said that for humor as I often noticed how some of our starving local members who had talent would look forward to the trip so they could eat a decent meal there. Yutes, you really have to get the trial and deposition transcripts from the LC legal department as there is testimony by one of our members who took those trips and used the word "minstrel" to describe their feelings there.

Part of Lyn's supposedly incredible legal brilliance was his portraying himself as not knowing a single thing about how all of this materialized before him. Maybe Lyn was a Star Trek fan and thought that the Fusion Energy Foundation [a now-defunct LC front aimed at influencing scientists--DK] built him a transporter and beamed everything to Leesburg while he slept. Lyn and Helga had great plans for the place and one of them was naming it "Ibykus Farm."

You will not see this today, but we had gates with pillars at the entrance and Lyn commissioned a plaque with "Ibykus Farm" to be placed on the great Pillars to show the world his brilliance. This led to a humorous event in Ibykus folklore which was shared by a few people with me.

"The leadership was startled when Lyn came out of the main house dressed like an English squire complete with a tweed jacket, leather elbow patches, an English cap, rubber boots and a stiff walk."

Lyn ordered the NEC [National Executive Committee] and a few others to show up for a ceremony at the Pillars to Ibykus one day. Workmen installed a neat plaque with the words "Ibykus Farm" and it was covered up for the ritual. The NEC was startled when Lyn came out of the main house dressed like an English squire complete with a tweed jacket, leather elbow patches, an English cap, rubber boots and a very stiff walk. He led the NEC on a stroll to the front gate and blabbed about how this was a great investment he made! A few NEC members were aghast and Lyn corrected himself to say that this was an LC investment.

Anyway, Lyn announced to the NEC along the pathway that he has big plans to breed a special herd of cattle and this would supply the LC with meat to eat!!!

The moment arrived and then after some more talk by prideful Lyn, he ordered the cloth removed and laughter broke out among the NEC as the marble plaque had been installed upside down! Lyn was shocked--and sulked away in his special clothes back to the main house.

My memory may be spotty, but I think there are two pictures of Lyn which we had in New Solidarity or The New Federalist at the time. One was in the English outfit while another had him in jeans and a flannel shirt, no bowtie. The person who may have the original pictures may be Phil U. We had two photographers, Phil and Stuart Lewis. Phil is probably the one with the pictures as he was a regular at the house. Helga liked his cooking while Lyn liked his wine stewardship. One day we will reveal what Lyn did to Phil when Phil brought him a not-so-good vintage.

(Recently I have started referring to the LYM clubhouses as "soup kitchens," since they have group meals prepared by the remaining boomers [old-time members of the cult who joined in the 1960s or 1970s--DK]. Lyn does have profound influence and is years ahead of everyone else. One of Lyn's victims was Billy Davis, a farmer from the Deep South who was persuaded to leave everything in his life to work Lyn's farm, including growing crops and breeding cattle. Billy ended up so bad after meeting us that I cannot post the whole story yet. He is one of LaRouche's former VP candidates but not the one who was recently arrested for alleged incest--that was Rev. James Bevel, whose trial should take place next year.)

When you are on the side of the road where Ibykus stood, turn off AM 1520 WTRI for a bit, as we will go from Sinatra to Shelley. Shed a tear for the now torn-down great pillars and read a poem called...


I met a traveller from an antique land
Who said: "Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. Near them on the sand,
Half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown
And wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them and the heart that fed.
And on the pedestal these words appear:
'My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings:
Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!'
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare,
The lone and level sands stretch far away.

Oh, did anyone tell the yutes what was done with Lyn's property?

To find out what happened you can ask Lonnie, Ed Spannaus, Barbara Boyd, and even Lyn (you could have asked Uwe Friesecke, Linda de Hoyos, and Ken Kronberg too, but two are out of the org and one is dead). Please do ask Ed, Barbara, Lonnie, et al., because for years I could not get a straight answer about how the property was refinanced back and forth until it was lost for good. Since Anderson held the note, I doubt that we had any claim to the property since I know our history of paying notes. The LC only pays attention to c=256 notes and hardly paid other notes. In this kind of wacky financing I can only think of my experience in owning homes. I would never put money into expensive improvements if I could not make the monthly payments and had wild financing like the LC had. To make Helga happy we put a boatload of money into a swimming pool and horsey stuff while members were given five bucks a day.

"LaRouche and the LC became a model of what is facing many subprime borrowers today who overbuy, overspend and have no common sense about money."

One must understand how the LC does finances. There is no finance committee or spreadsheets made up and analysis done like in a traditional business, nonprofit or even your own household budget. No matter what you think is going on, once the magic words "Lyn says" are heard, then you do whatever, no matter how inane or insane it is. A property like Ibykus Farm is a bargain at $1.3 million; however, it takes a lot of money to run it and that is what was draining the weekly income. Routine maintenance, utilities, food and cleaning, besides the monthly mortgage payments, quickly add up. Lyn and the LC became a model of what is facing many subprime borrowers today who overbuy, overspend and have no common sense about money.

After all, this is the Bizarro world of LaRouche where you do not like accountants, money and budgeting. One gets the sense that as long as Lyn and Helga had members working as cheap help, all was good. The LC help got five bucks a day; in the testimony, you can read where Rick Magraw paid the security people 20 bucks a day. The phony CIA scam artists and other hustlers had to be laughing their ***** off once they left Ibykus knowing that they were getting thousands each week by filling Lyn's head with one delusion after another. Phil U. filled Lyn's glass with Rheingau and is still paying the price for this to this day. One thing about Rheingau, it is not cheap and we bought it by the case.

It looked like the party would never end, and when Lyn was sent to prison dreams of Ibykus filled his head nightly. The party did come to an end after several unsuccessful financing schemes, and to this day Lyn carries the grudge against Fernando, de Hoyos, Uwe F., Ken Kronberg--and even Lonnie--for its loss.

Lyn talks about Leesburg being ground zero for the real estate collapse, but Ibykus is the real ground zero. It was sold and eventually became a site where one plot can sell for what the whole 171 acres was bought for! When you drive into the Ibykus property you should look for the signs that say "Beacon Hill." Yes, Lyn's Shangri-la is now a very upscale development where Ibykus has become Beacon Hill, an Equestrian & Golf Community!!!

Go to this realtor's Beacon Hill page, yutes, and click on the "Visual Tour."

Let the soothing New Age Satanic music relax your card table shrine-challenged vocal chords and breathe in and out to clear your carcinogen-filled lungs from your highway off-ramp deployments. Take the tour and when it starts again, go to the third picture with a barn--The Barn.

"LaRouche said: 'The ones who will rally to us are the emotionally crippled, the grey-faced, the neurologically impaired who, in rallying to us will do the only worthy thing to give meaning to their lives.'"

Awhile back I posted one of Lyn's famous "Sermons from the Barn" about the future of the LaRouche movement. Here it is, from Dec 20, 1987, to the members gathered in The Barn:

Creativity is one of my obsessions. If you don't have creative insight, you can't see how we can win; if you can see how we can win, then we will win. Only we can save the world; only we can do the job, because nobody else even knows what the job is. Would you like to be the savior of humanity?....Yes, I was chosen. You were chosen. Not with fanfare, not with the blaring trumpets of archangel Gabriel. It doesn't happen that way. It happens as you walk down the street thinking about the problems of the world and realize only you can do the job....You are chosen. Like John Scialdone's lawyer said to the jury: "You poor schmucks"!....Look around you. Who will support us? Who will rally to us? The ones who will rally to us are the emotionally crippled, the grey-faced, the neurologically impaired who, in rallying to us will do the only worthy thing to give meaning to their lives. Thus they will be able to say, "I wasn't important but I contributed to victory."

Take a look in the rear view mirror, yutes: You are the "neurologically impaired" in LaRouche's eyes.

I will now employ Cartesian geometry--the very epitome of what LaRouche defines as evil--to help you locate Lyn's house and The Barn.

First, you have to get into the property. Tell the HOA that you are here to see the Equestrian Club. Don't say that you are making a journey to Mecca aka The Barn where the rise of the LYM was prophesied.

Okay, click on this map. It should be at level 13 magnification with the roads named and the picture centered properly. The intersection of the X and Y lines should be a star--right next to Lyn's house. Make sure you click on "aerial images" and are at level 13.

On the map you have, we can use the roads as a Cartesian graph:

X = Alysheba / Cannonade Drive

Y = Count Turf

The four quadrants in this area would be labeled:

2 1

3 4

To make this easy for the yutes to see, do this: Zoom to level 15 and you will see four buildings with green copper roofs. They should be near Farm Market Road and occupy quadrant number 3 in our Cartesian Nightmare. The smallest barn is the one where Lyn delivered on his holy days many sermons, the most famous being the "Neurologically Impaired" sermon. We put in a concrete floor so we could hold meetings with Lyn's "Gideon's Army" forces.

Now zoom back down to level 13 and go to quadrant 1 of our Cartesian Nightmare and you will see Lyn's house. Go on, call it Lyn's house though you may want to call it Helga's house or the LaRouches' house. This gets downright confusing as Lyn claimed that he had no idea where or how a 171-acre estate with a ready-made mansion came to life for him. In the 1988 trials, our defense was that this was all available for the LC to come and go as they please, that it wasn't really Lyn's house, that it belonged to the whole organization and that Lyn just happened to stay there when he happened to be around. In the trial transcript, however, you can read about Lyn welcoming guests to his house. Helga then complains about not being able to enjoy her house. The LC minstrel show comes to entertain Lyn and Helga, the Rhiengau is coming in by the case, the monthly bills are skyrocketing--and most of the LC is getting five bucks a day.

"You will get the idea of how utterly crazy it is for the cult to talk about real estate when it had this enormous property for a bargain basement price and then squandered it and turned it into a white elephant."

Next you should zoom up to level 15 and see the scale of the house occupying quadrant 1. You will see the swimming pool Lyn had built for Helga. The house is at the corner of Count Turf Place and Alysheba Drive (this loops around and becomes Cannonade Drive) around the vast acreage and the multimillion dollar homes and golf course. You will get the idea of how utterly crazy it is for the cult to talk about real estate when it had this enormous property for a bargain basement price and then squandered it and turned it into a white elephant on the finances. Not even the Moonies would do something so stupid. Each house you see is in the $2 million plus range. Close to Lyn's main house you will see smaller guest houses where other convicted criminals like Will Wertz lived for a spell.

After touring the grounds, head back out the main entrance to Route 7 and head west. If you stay on Route 7 you will make it to Lyn's present rental at Round Hill. We will let the IRS figure out if the payments show up as income or if putting some yutes into the basement to work like illegal aliens turns it into a different tax situation. Either way, Lyn should be telling the yutes how to live like a millionaire on just $28,000 in income (I saw this annual figure on one form he filed).

You want to steer the LaRouchemobile a little up Route 7 so you can get on Charles Town Pike Road. Take that until you get to Mechanicsville and make a right on Highway 671 or Harpers Ferry Road. You will be heading north for a bit and should slow down when you enter Neersville and see Sagle Road on the left. Now look to the right and you will see a 68-acre farm called Sweetwater that we purchased for $400,000. Click HERE for the map, then zoom to level 13. Sweetwater Farm should be above the red star and to the right of Harpers Ferry Road.

Ah, Sweetwater: a lovely farm of sweet-smelling field grass, nestled among old growth trees and full of life and energy as a summer camp should be. This being a LaRouche project the most important thing is having armed guards with firearms as we immediately had a controversy over this and expanded the whole assassination plot to include a day camp. Actually, the camp with the weapons training was SOVA (as in "Southern Virginia")--the locals got confused. There weren't any weapons at Sweetwater. Hell, we all were confused too, because SOVA was TOP SECRET.

You might as well call up poor Ed Spannaus, who has nothing to do, and have him explain how a prime piece of property like this was lost forever. Ed Spannaus should have plenty of stories to tell as the real estate was his baby. Those beautiful brochures I saw in the 1980s were full of fascinating forecasts by our people. We said clearly that this was a great opportunity for investment in real estate as the Route 7 corridor would undergo an economic boom and Leesburg would become a very valuable holding because of its proximity to DC.

Though Sweetwater was out of the Leesburg area, it too became a valuable property. I was sent an email a little while back that Madeleine Albright, of all people, purchased it and uses it as a summer home with her primary residence around the corner.

No wonder Lyn is angry. His beloved bookstore shrine is now an English Garden Store, and one of his least favorite Clinton cabinet members may be enjoying the Sweetwater property while Hondas are being sold near his prime Route 7 lot. On top of that, Ibykus has someone else lounging near the pool he had built for Helga--and other people are walking their dogs and riding their horses where Lyn and Helga once roamed.

Okay, yutes, back in the car and head basically north on Harpers Ferry Road past the old forest growth and rolling pastures. Turn on the radio to AM 1520 WTRI and drive over the Potomac River where you will then be on Highway 340 in Maryland heading east. Take Route 340 east to Exit 2, Route 17 for Brunswick/Burkittsville. Turn right at the end of the ramp and stay on Route 17 (becomes Souder Road). Go through the light at 9th St.--Brunswick High School is on the left. Go another half mile to 13th Avenue and turn right. The WTRI building is 200 yards on the left. Click HERE for the map; this is where you want to end up.

Now why would we send you to Brunswick, Md. to see some oldies radio station like AM 1520 WTRI? Well, it could be because one of our brilliant ideas in the 1980s was to buy this radio station and set it up as a WLYN radio.

I have no idea of how much money we put in ourselves, but there were two primary owners in the initial purchase. This was a small 500-watt AM station which we bought and at the time we kept it as a country and western station per WLYN. WLYN sent an NEC member named Allen Salisbury, who once was an advertising company man, to run this along with Joe C. I think the idea was that this station was going to get a power boost and we would be able to take over the Metro DC area with broadcasts of Lyn and other interviews. Well, you know how everything ends up when the real world meets the LC and Lyn: it all goes pfffft. The station lost some big money, I was told, and was eventually dumped and taken over by other buyers until the wattage was increased and now we have the present station.

"What is actually in place is a cult sweatshop, and even with virtual slave labor Lyn figured out how to have his delusions lead to more losses than anyone can imagine."

Allen Salisbury lost more than the radio station, as he was covered by a LaRoucheCare health plan (i.e., no plan) and found his life ending earlier than it should have. That story will be for another day.

If this all seems crazy, well it was. We had investors being culled by our real special fundraisers for a secret project which no one in the LC knew about except for a few people. Millions were raised on top of the credit card scams and loan operations, and it seemed like Lyn was on top of the world in Leesburg with his miniempire. If one takes a look at the whole contraption called the LC/LYM one sees that what is actually in place is a cult sweatshop, and even with virtual slave labor Lyn figured out how to have his delusions lead to more losses than anyone can imagine.

This is not even the full list as there is a whole other universe with Danny Murdock and other people with a project called SOVA and another one called "The Farm." Jeff Steinberg is ready to take over the master suite in Round Hill, so you might as well ask him about SOVA. Paul Goldstein should be within hearing distance, so ask him too.

Here is one of the stories you should find out about: Murdock informed Security that we need a base to train people at and to do some undercover work. I was sent an email telling me that we spent almost a quarter of a million dollars buying Murdock a farm in southwestern Virginia for this. He then called us up and said that without some animals on the farm, our cover would be blown. We then sent him some more money to buy some horses and cows for this. The total "cost" wound up in the many millions, although it may not all have gone to cows (it could be in some bank accounts, too). I have no idea if this was ever recorded as taxable income and declared.

We have more stories along these lines for people to ask Lyn (or whoever else is left in the Leesburg organization) to elucidate. Our road trip today is to highlight the many areas around Leesburg which were in effect Ground Zero for total real estate collapse, but were Ground Zero also for Lyn and the LC. If you want to follow this lunacy for three decades and end up destitute like many of the present Leesburg-based LCers, drive this route and just wave good-bye to everything squandered and lost because others followed the "world's greatest economist." Virtually everything and everyone who touched any of these projects lost everything in so many ways: financially, emotionally, mentally, physically--the stories are astounding. How can one man run this charade-and-delusion empire for so long? Meanwhile, while Lyn was looting the members, scam artists took Lyn and his security staff for millions and laughed all the way to the farms we bought them.

"The grifters placed an urgent call to the LaRouchephone. A new plot against Lyn had just been uncovered and a hit team of assassins was now moving slowly from southern Virginia to Leesburg to get to Lyn. Lyn and security were informed that for, say, $80,000 this threat could be stopped cold."

Unlike Lyn and security, Murdock was no dummy about operating expenses. I guess he knew that a place as big as the farm we bought him has expenses. In the Bizarro world of LaRouche, you pay money to delusion-creators to take care of their properties and expenses while you ignore what is right in front of you. An email I received from Leesburg one day described how Murdock and friends had Fearless Leader and Jeff willing to sacrifice the whole organization for fairy tales....

One day the grifters placed an urgent call to the LaRouchephone. A new plot against Lyn had just been uncovered and a hit team of assassins was now moving slowly from southern Virginia to Leesburg to get to Lyn. Lyn and security were informed that for, say, $80,000 this threat could be stopped cold. A frantic call was placed to LaRouche HQ and in a few hours, $80,000 in cash was scrounged up. Remember what I said earlier about how a budget in the Bizarro world does not mean anything once the magic words "Lyn says" are uttered with "Security" in the same breath? Whatever expenses that particular $80,000 had been destined for could no longer be covered.

Yutes, study this guide, drive the route and figure that this is not even anywhere near the full story that eventually will be uncovered.

If the maps do not pop up, click on "View Source" for the URLs and copy them to your address box. They are really worth looking up to get the feel of this total collapse of the world's greatest economist's real estate empire, which even with virtual cult slave labor and bargain basement prices he could not keep.

Be on the lookout for a version of this with the maps to be posted real