Latest news on the Fred Newman-Lenora Fulani cult and its enabler Michael Bloomberg

  • Bloomberg-Hagel ticket could prove a disaster...for Hagel. Dennis King (blog, June 26) argues that the Nebraska senator should back away from a partnership with Bloomberg unless the mayor severs all ties with Newman and Fulani and renounces "social therapy and all its works."

  • Comments by Queens County Independence Party chairman (and Fred Newman acolyte) Jerry Everett, June 25, 2007. Everett basically gives the "Salit" line (see below) on Mayor Bloomberg's possible presidential bid.

  • Thirteen Newman-Fulani cohorts are expelled from Independence Party state committee--here's why! On June 10, 2007, key members of the IP's Newman-Fulani faction, including the Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island county chairpersons, were removed from the party's state committee by a vote of over two-thirds of the committee's 200-plus members. The official Removal Report, based on research by Manhattan State Executive Committee member Michael Zumbluskas and others, lays out the allegations of election and fundraising fraud on which the decision was based. (The misconduct outlined in the report has been going on for years and years, and has been pointed out in numerous election law cases. Where are the New York City DA's? The State Attorney General? And why do the city and state boards of elections always look the other way?)

  • Newman-Fulani attorney Harry Kresky urges State Attorney General to launch an investigation of IP state leadership (June 7, 2007). Is Harry losing it? By reversing the IP State Committee's arguments and urging an investigation of the State Committee itself, and its investigator Michael Zumbluskas, for the same misdeeds of which Kresky's Newmanite comrades stand accused, the longtime legal shield of the cult is virtually begging for a probe of both sides in this dispute--a probe that Newman, Fulani and their followers cannot possibly withstand. As to Michael Zumbluskas, he says he welcomes an investigation, "the sooner and more comprehensive the better."

  • Bloomberg's latest favor to his friendosexual NAMBLA-defending cult friends: He's allowing a privately funded Newman-Fulani teacher fellowship program to use social therapy techniques in the city's primary schools. According to this WNYC report (June 20), the Newman-Fulani cult is paying eleven city teachers $2,500 each to learn Newman's quack "improv" methods--and our city's primary school kids are their guinea pigs! Schools Chancellor Joel Klein says that although he doesn't condone the program, he doesn't want to "micromanage" the teachers. In other words, Klein is unwilling to jeopardize the fat private bonuses he hopes to receive from our billionaire mayor at a future date, even though he knows full well that the Mayor's favorite cult is a menace to the health and well-being both of the teachers being indoctrinated and of their innocent young charges. Note: When the fellowship program was announced last year on the social therapy website, the claim was made that it would include classroom supervision by the trainers. Is Newmanite classroom supervision in fact being conducted today in the NYC public schools? And how many of the fellowship teachers are now undergoing social therapy? How many have become active in the Newman faction of the Independence Party? And when will the cowards on the City Council finally begin to raise their voices about Bloomberg's willful support of a variety of Newmanite programs (including the All Stars Project, the "Let's Talk About It" group therapy program at Erasmus High, and now this latest "improv" fellowship dodge) that can only prove harmful to New York City's children and teens?

  • Leading Newmanite speaks of Michael Bloomberg as if he were just another of the cult's lowly therapy patients to be pressured for ever-greater commitment to guru Fred Newman. Jacqueline Salit (chief strategist for the Newman-Fulani wing of the New York State Independence Party), in this May 30, 2007 letter to her associates, provides juicy details of how Bloomberg has helped them over the years and complains that now he's not doing enough to support them publicly against the IP's state leadership. (To the insatiable Newman cult, the $12.8 million in public financing Bloomberg gave them last fall for their All Stars youth charity--and from which money can easily be transferred to other cult entities to fund the fight against the state party--apparently wasn't enough.) Writes Salit (re Bloomberg's Presidential campaign) in this strange, strange letter: "We should be prepared to place certain demands on [Bloomberg]...including that he recognize and respect the movement, the people and the organizations...that introduced him to independent politics and put him in office in the first place." Any politician with an ounce of self-respect would instantly dump these folks and denounce them, but Bloomberg has been locked in a masochistic, social-therapy-patient-type relationship with Newman & Co. for the past seven years (at least). If he's still too weak-minded to stand up to them, how can we expect him to stand up to the Newman of North Korea and other dangerous enemies of America in the unlikely event that he manages to buy his way into the White House?

  • Why has the New York Sun become the unofficial campaign newspaper of MIchael Bloomberg when his politics and those of the Sun have almost nothing in common? Dennis King asks the hard question on his newly reactivated blog site, comments on Eric Alterman's critique of the Sun in the June 18 issue of The Nation.

  • Bloomberg may spend as much as one billion dollars to win the White House (Washington Times, May 15). How much of this money will go to Newman and Fulani to brainwash more kids into their totalitarian "friendosexual" cult? Reporters and New York political leaders should (but won't) pressure Bloomberg to issue a pledge that he will stop giving money to this poisonous duo or to their followers for political, "charitable" or any other purpose.

  • Democrats (and possibly Republicans) have reason to fear a Bloomberg campaign (Washington Times, May 16). Each major party will want Bloomberg to be its spoiler against the other; thus neither will be willing to do anything that might anger him.This means that if he chooses to give more money to Newman and Fulani either for electoral help or for their sinister "youth charity," he will continue to enjoy the embarrassed silence of the entire political establishment in New York.

  • Bloomberg's aides meet with Newman's Independence Party opponents (Daily Telegraph, London, May 11). If this deal goes through, Bloomberg will essentially control both wings of the IP. Will he insist that the anti-Newman wing acquiesce in Newman's continued control of the New York City organization? Or will he just pay Newman's Marxist-Leninist cadre to run petition drives in other states?

  • Fulani's upset because Barack Obama won't give her the time of day (Web article, Feb. 10, 2007). The sense of entitlement of this woman (Fred Newman's "greatest creation," as he calls her) is truly breathtaking: She has publicly refused to repudiate her statement that "Jews are mass murderers of people of color" but believes that America's political class should uncritically accept her as an important public figure anyway (as her anti-Semitic white comrades in the International Workers Party do) simply because of her ethnicity.

  • Bloomberg blasts Scientology (but not Newman and Fulani) (New York Post, April 19). Once again we see the hypocrisy of Bloomberg, attacking Scientology in order to divert attention from his ongoing alliance with Newman and Fulani. Scientology is certainly a controversial group, but they don't support Farrakhan or Gadhafi, don't call Jews "mass murderers of people of color" and don't defend NAMBLA. When the mayor made Scientology a diversionary target in 2005, the media rebuked him for it. This time, he's receiving a free ride.

  • All signs point to a Bloomberg Presidential run (New York Daily News, May 14). This article misses one intriguing sign: the closing down, one by one (with no good reason provided), of official investigations of Newman and Fulani-run social therapy programs around the country.

  • Senator Chuck Hagel suggests he might become Bloomberg's running mate (New York Daily News, May 14). But does the distinguised Nebraska Republican and two-time Purple Heart winner know about the New York mayor's ongoing relationship with the Newman-Fulani cult? For commentary on this, see Dennis King's blog (June 26).

  • Bloomberg to take away the gun carry permits of New Yorkers (New York Post, Nov. 1, 2006, with reply by D. King). The mayor had earlier crafted his anti-gun initiatives as an attempt to keep guns out of the hands of violent felons. Now we see the truth: Bloomberg is not just worried about criminals having guns; he's also opposed to ordinary law-abiding citizens owning guns for self-defense purposes. Meanwhile the mayor himself has plenty of armed protection around his East Side townhouse, while his Marxist cult allies in the IWP have long possessed semiautomatic rifles for supposed defense against plots by Jewish militants. Will Bloomberg ask Newman and Fulani to turn in the IWP's gun collection? Don't hold your breath.

    The comments above are not summaries of the cited news articles but reflect Dennis KIng's opinion based on the facts as reported.